Paul's Commonplace Book


Wit and Wisdom, Sense and Nonsense

Relevant & Irrelevant, Reverent & Irreverent


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        The Bells!

        By What Authority?

        Computers as big as houses

        French Surnames

        Gas 'n Gaiters

        gods of the Central Line


        Making Waves

        The New Lectionary

        Once in Blue Moon


        Quotable Quotes

        Revising the Scriptures

        Signs & Notices

        Those cheating eyes

        Vicarage Answering Service

        What's a Vicar for?

        The Doctor will see you now...

        The meaning of Christmas

        Why I no longer go shopping

        Squeezing from the middle

        Crumbs of Comfort for the Clergy

        Pot Noodling your way to success

        Commanding a Peace Force

        1st Century Fears

        Nine Arts < latest addition (June 2016)

        More to follow as the days go by....


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